Anonymous: @Besos4Kisses other fake accounts are also @MaryMe420(which she or he actually requested 2 follow me on instagram w. dat specific account nd still is following me) nd also @Higher_DanMost(both instagram accounts) this person stole @StreetPlatoons fotos nd posted them onto their accounts nd also has been saying how @StreetPlatoons has been impersonating other broads she has never met nd I kno her on an extremely personal level to tell u she has never made any account of u or 'lucy' or anyone else

I’ll block them forsure. Can’t stand people who impersonate other people. I’m glad you reached out to me and told me more about the situation. (: 

Anonymous: wats up I read sum of ur asks nd I wanted to let u kno dat I kno @streetplatoons on a personal level nd she has never in her life pretended to be u or ever said she was extremely close to anyone named lucy. The person who sent u dat anon has been making fake twitter, instagram nd possibly other accounts of @streetplatoons nd of various other female nd male accounts their last account dat was active is their twitter page @Besos4Kisses mind u their "ideal women" is their other fake twitter account

Hey thanks so much for the information. I appreciate it! xo

imjustanigger: Do you dislike seeing color graffiti on your dash?


imjustanigger: Do you take other people's photos, and hardwork to make it black and white?

Yes but I credit the photographers and sometimes even ask permission if I can find a source of contact.

acupof-adversitea: Hey, did you used to have that one song on your blog that began with the poetry by Langston Hughes 'human blood in human veins' or something and then it went along with this rap song?