For those who care, and for those who don’t care.

Life update: I never use this tumblr, but I like to check up on the people who still care about me (whether that sounds lame or not). I’m not the same person I was, and I’m never going back to it. Graffiti is still an interest for me, but it’s more appealing to the eye than anything. I’ve changed so much within the last year. I’m an art student pursuing in photojournalism, and I have a loving boyfriend. So just a heads up in my life. Miss you guys.

Anonymous: Lucy!!!!! I miss you on ig and twitter;(

I’m not lucy

h-i-p-h-o-p-s-o-u-l: really dope page, dig it.

Thank you!

greycomplex: Hey hey hey, nice blog! +f

Thanks a bunch!